How do I register?

Registration will begin at 8am on Saturday August 7th. Day of registraion will be $20 per vehicle.

There is no per person admission to the show/race. Only show vehicle registration.

Portion of vehicle registration will benefit Twin City Community Outreach (TCCO) of North Tonawanda


Where is the show

- The Rumble at the Niagara Car and Bike Show is held during the Thunder on the Niagara Hydroplane races held at Gratwick Park on River Road in North Tonawanda. The Rumble is held on Saturday August 1 from 9am-4pm. The Thunder on the Niagara Hydroplane races are held on Saturday August 1 and Sunday August 2nd.

Map to Gratwick Riverside Park in North Tonawanda

What's Included?

-With your Rumble at the Niagara show registration, you will be admitted into the show area. Registration includes carload admission into the park for the car and bike show as well as for the Thunder on the Niagara Hydroplane Races.

-First 100 vehicles will get a Rumble at the Niagara dash plaque.

-Special awards and awards of excellence will be given out at 4pm awards

-This is a one of a kind event in WNY. The coolest cars and bikes on land, side by side with the fastest hydroplanes on water. Bring a lawn chair and watch the excitement!

Can I get a Pit Pass?

-This year we have added the option of purchasing a pit pass for the hydroplane races. Individual passes are available for purchase and the pass is good for Saturday and Sunday.

They are available for an additional $20 per person and will be available at the pit during the event.

Can I bring a tent

There will be limited space for 10'x10' tents based on the layout. Please be courteous of the vehicles around you. Tents MUST be staked or weighted into the ground. Tent owner will be responsible for any damage that it causes to a vehicle. Tents must not block aisles. No room for a tent, make friends with people nearby that have one. Tents are not allowed on the area closest to the water.

Can I bring a grill

Grills are NOT allowed in the show area. There will be many food and beverage vendors in the Thunder on the Niagara Hydroplane races. The grills leave grease and ashes on the cars and bikes around them. 

Can I bring my dog?

Due to the amuont of cars, bikes, and people at the show, and the noise from the hydroplanes, dogs are not allowed in event area. Please leave them home. Dogs don't care to watch hydroplane races or to see the cars.

Parking Information

Show spots will be filled as vehicles enter the park. There is NO holding of spaces for vehicles allowed. Come as a group, park as a group.

Registration will close at noon the day of the event.

Trailer Parking

There are limited spaces available for trailer parking. Please contact and we will work to accomidate them if possible.

Interested in being a sponsor?

We have limited sponsorship opportunites available. Promotion will be through social media, website, print, and at the Rumble at the Niagara. Please contact us for more information.

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